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Ensuring you get only the best pure natural organic wine

We inspect every aspect of the winery & the wine...

Our mission is purity...

Simply put, we prefer to only feature wines from wineries that have a passion for holistic viticulture and organic winemaking.

This is our guarantee to you. Our wines are not chock-full of nasty chemicals designed to enhance the flavour of poor wine.

Who are we

We are everyday people who are passionate about great wines, amazing food and everything that comes with that – family, friends, travel and a real zest for life. We're always seeking out the old, the new, the unknown and the great!

We want to take you on an unforgettable journey by bringing you a genuinely exciting selection of quality wines to help you create (or recreate) memories.

Passion, traditional simplicity, premium quality, reliving the memories or creating new experiences – the tastes, the smells, the colours, the sounds and of course the variety!! – are all part of our vision for your Wine Traveller experience.

The Wine Traveller has been around since 2008. We source for you the best organic wine the world has to offer! Through us you have access to premium wine from all corners of the globe, including our very own great Aussie produce.

Your journey starts here. Taste & feel the difference

We bring you the wine that's really hard to source – boutique award winning wines. All this delivered straight to your door. Our wine has been through our expert tasting and sourcing panel processes ensuring they are all great examples of their type.

Gregs defining moment was when travelling with his wife and she was able to drink wine without the usual migraine. So what was so different about these wines?

No toxic chemicals!

Just take a look at the list of toxic chemicals allowed in wine. And They're not listed on the label! This was the difference... Organic and natural wineries don't add these chemicals during production and they don't use pesticides or agrochemicals either.

We want to take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of wine by bringing you a genuinely exciting selection of quality natural and organic wines.

Experience the difference yourself..!

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